5 Reasons Why You Need Funeral Cover

Everybody should take out funeral cover. If you are a responsible citizen, you will take out funeral cover immediately. Anything can happen at any time in life, it is totally out of our control, and your family must be prepared for this.

You may not want to be thinking of funerals when you’re strong and healthy, and any thought of death is far away. You may even think it’s morbid to think of things like this, but you also know that death is very much part of life.

When it’s about your final journey, why not have a plan in place instead of leaving it all to your family members.

Five reasons you need funeral cover

Here are five reasons why you need funeral cover:

1. Peace of mind

You’ll be amazed how taking out funeral cover can make you feel. You know that in the case of your demise, your family is protected by your good deed. The coffin, the hearse, the cremation or burial, it is all included in the cover. Some plans also include an allowance towards the cost of the entire service at the cemetery or crematorium.

2. Quick payouts

Most of the insurers make sure that money is paid out within 48 hours. As soon as the insurer is notified and has the documents, your claim will be settled as soon as possible. With money in your family’s hand, they will be able to handle each and everything with great ease.

3. The right information makes the process easy

The insurer employees help with informing you exactly what you must do in the case of burials or cremations. There are certain formalities which your family may not be aware of. The company employees do their best to help in these circumstances.

4. A small investment with big gains

It’s a small monthly payment to make. With various plans on offer, you can take out the best funeral cover possible. Funerals can be very expensive and seem to be getting more and more expensive with each passing year.

With a small monthly payment, you can spread the costs out over a long period. This is the best way of knowing that the money will be available when your family and loved ones need it the most.

5. The responsible thing

It is the responsible thing to do. This could be the most important point. Without doing this, none of the other points will come into play. When your family and relatives are grieving, the last thing on their minds would be to face a cash crunch.

You surely do not want to leave them on tenterhooks when you are no more in this world to take care of them. It’s all about being responsible and acting wisely. 

Responsibility is key

By taking out funeral cover, you are proving that you are, indeed, a responsible person, and you’re the kind of person that the world could use more of right now.

The main benefits are:

  • Claims are mostly paid out within 48 hours.
  • No medical examinations required.
  • Covers underwritten by leading insurer.
  • You can increase or decrease your cover at any time.

Expensive funeral costs paid for

Funeral cover will give your family the financial means to cope with expensive funeral costs at a time when they are least prepared or willing to work out how they are going to provide money.

Few people realise just how expensive funerals are and normally get a tremendous shock when they are told the prices of coffins, tombstones and everything that goes with burial or cremation.

Insurance experts assist with any questions you may have at this difficult time. Choose wisely.