Life insurance does not provide funeral cover. In any event, life insurance policies normally don’t pay out immediately. It could take some time for the cover to be paid and you need to settle funeral costs at the time of the funeral.

It is essential that you have funeral cover as funerals are very expensive and your family could be left in a precarious position if there is no money available for them to give you a proper burial or cremation, whatever is your wish that is stated in your will.


Funeral cover options

There are various funeral cover options available on the market. With very affordable plans, you can get a funeral cover policy that will see to your financial needs. For peace of mind, this is crucial.

The money can be used to cover the cost of the funeral, making sure there is enough to pay for relatives to come to the funeral and you could also pay off debts.

The main points to look out for before taking funeral cover:

  • Are claims paid out within 48 hours?
  • Does it ask for medical examinations before processing the claim?
  • Is it underwritten by a leading insurer?
  • Is it flexible? Does it increase or decrease your cover at any time?

A traumatic time

There are certain important points that people don’t consider at times like this. A bereavement is a very sad and stressful time for the family and grief is a traumatic state. You don’t consider things like tombstones, or even a tombstone unveiling ceremony at a time like this, so it’s good to know that all this can be covered with your funeral cover.

A funeral may be the last thing on your mind now. You could be healthy, so why should you spend your time thinking about funerals? You probably think it’s morbid, and sometimes you may even think that you are playing with destiny and hastening your demise.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You have heard all of this, but maybe you ignored. The peace of mind that is immediately apparent once you opt for funeral cover cannot be explained in mere words.

Life full of surprises

We know that life is full of surprises, good and bad, and your status could change quickly at any time. You are not tempting fate by taking out a funeral cover. You are being amazingly intelligent and sympathetic. We all have to die sometime, and often illness comes suddenly, and at very inconvenient times.

Yes, we know that it may not be great timing, but we’re not in charge of such things. If we were, we could organize it that illness comes when everyone is prepared for it! Life doesn’t happen like that, so we must be as prepared as we possibly can.

By taking out funeral cover, you are being a highly responsible person. It’s an affordable investment, and you are taking care of your loved ones in the best way you can – by ensuring they’re in a comfortable position to handle all your funeral costs without incurring further trauma.

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